what was that movement in the corner of your eye? did you see what turned up beyond the glass? this isn't a game. there is something entirely evil here, and it has taken over. whatever it is, its twisted and angry, waiting to strike, where it rests trapped within the confines of clear rooms with daunting mirrors. they want their freedom and to possess their newest victims to walk among us. will you be next?

Cost: $20 regular admission
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
Dates: October 24, 25, and 31
Address: 1 Spring Street, Boston, MA 02132


We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will experience intense audio, lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe lights, fog, damp or wet conditions, moving floors, special effects, sudden actions, and an overall physically demanding environment. You should NOT ENTER this attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures, physical ailments, respiratory or any type of medical problem, and are pregnant or suffer from any form of mental disease including claustrophobia. DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of cast, medical brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations. You will not be admitted if any of these conditions are to be noticed by our staff. DO NOT smoke, run, eat or drink inside the attraction. Additionally there is no touching of the actors, customers, or props inside the attractions. No video or flash photography may be taken inside this attraction. You will not be admitted and asked to leave the property if any of the rules are